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5 Things to Do to Prep Your Watersport Business for the End of the Season [Ultimate Guide]

It is chilly down here in Northwest Florida, and watersport operators have already started to prep their businesses for the off-season; Here are some free tips on things to do to make sure you’re also ready to call it an end-of-the-year.

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#1: Boat Maintenance, Dock Cleaning, and Office Arrangements



Though it’s great to always look after your business assets throughout the year, it’s now a perfect opportunity to do this if you haven’t had a chance before; taking care of your beloved watersport equipment and docks is a no-brainer:

  1. Check to find out if you maintain WaveRunners in the right way.
  2. Figure out the details of boat winterization
  3. Know how to clean your boat dock, maintain it, and inspect docks and/or pilings — repair/replace as needed.
  4. Learn how to store the jet ski battery for the winter.
  5. Remember to de-winterize your jet skis properly before the new season begins.

Here’s what else Luther’s Pontoon, Waverunners, & Kayaks Rentals, one of our WaveRez partners, do at the end of every season:

Jet Skis and WaveRunners: Fix any fiberglass damage, perform normal engine maintenance, and pull fuel out (or leave in full and treat fuel).

Kayaks and Paddleboards: Look for any damage or missing parts —  repair or replace the whole equipment if not repairable.

Pontoon Boats: Engine maintenance, clean boat, repair any seat or bimini top damage, pull all life jackets/throw cushions & inspect foam or tears in fabric — make sure your pontoons don’t have water in them or have any leaks, inspect ladder, pull gas out (or leave in full and treat fuel). Check electrical connectors for corrosion. 

Watersport Business Office: 

1) Go through all life jackets & replace any that have tears, clips that don’t work, or have bad foam 

2) Go through your parts & stuff, then order more of any items that are close to empty, order spare parts (or spare anything for office) that you use a lot of to have on hand, and replace any signage.

3) Go over all paperwork and update as needed, then start getting printing (or paperless if online documents), such as digital waivers with Wherewolf.


#2: Consider Offering Winter Water Sports



If you run a business in a snowy region, perhaps you may not necessarily need to end your season yet — instead, move to a new phase where you can start offering 5 incredible water sports for freezing weather. This can allow you to build on the experiential turn, so don’t miss your chance!


#3: Check your Facebook and Google Reviews



The importance of having a Google My Business account often gets overlooked by watersport tour operators, whereas, in fact, customer reviews can be eye-opening. See if you have Facebook and/or Google Reviews to which you haven’t responded, or find out how to get more reviews for your tour company. Who knows, maybe your clients might recommend changing the location of your jet ski rental business or finding better ways to attract seniors to your watersport business.


#4: Learn New Ways to Grow your Watersport Business



Spend off-season wisely! There are many ways to grow the watersport company that you likely didn’t consider before. Studying your market and promoting your business, best ways to market in the new digital era, are just some topics we have already discussed on our WaveRez Podcast for you to catch up on during your next trip to your office. 

Before the new season starts, it’s also great to check on your social media marketing. Things such as Instagram algorithm, dynamic pricing, and the development of new fun & interesting tour ideas can go a long way in your efforts. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to re-evaluate your website (e.g., watersport business SEO and Google Ranking), as well as increase/decrease spending on paid ads.


#5: Look Into Getting a Perfect Reservation Software



Finally, it’s time to start delegating! Our partners have saved so much time and effort and spent them on business growth initiatives instead. Booking management and customer communications are just a few things among many others that can help you prep for the next season! No more excuses or procrastinating — it’s just the RIGHT time to figure out what to do in the absence of redundant calls and payment processes once you set up your WaveRez account. We’re always available to answer any questions you have, just drop us a line or schedule a free demo session with our sales team to learn more!


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