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WaveRez is a web based reservation software built for the watersport and tour boat industry. The software features a proprietary matrix scheduling technology making it easy to book, manage, and maintain rental inventory. In 2014, co-founder John Stephens introduced a rental scheduling concept derived from an old magnet board. After using it for several years to book his own rental boats, John teamed up with Greg Fisher and Alex Benko of TripShock to develop a web based reservation software called BookRS. BookRS was rebranded in 2019 as WaveRez due to the software’s increasing focus on water based tours and rentals. WaveRez’s headquarters is located in Destin, FL, but welcomes companies from all over the U.S. to try the #1 booking engine for watersport tour operators, WaveRez!

WaveRez News & Updates

Contest, Sweepstake & Prize Ideas for Tour Operators Running a Watersport Business

Attracting travelers to book your boat tours or jet ski rentals always becomes trickier during the off-season. While tour operators find many ways to generate revenue, such as finding a perfect location for their watersport business, launching interesting and fun tours, or even simply knowing 5 things before starting a watersport business, other ways often [...]

Top 5 Review Platforms Used by Watersport Tour Operators and Why You Need to Use As Many Ways to Promote Your Business as Possible!

We keep arguing that promoting your watersport business solely on social media just won’t do it. You see, posting your company profile just on social media platforms like Instagram, while necessary for growing your watersport business, will limit your reach and ability to be ranked appropriately by Google. Building a robust website and getting listed [...]

WaveRez 2021 Overview and What’s in Store for 2022

It’s hard to believe we’re at the end of 2021 and we’ve been dealing with this global pandemic for just under 2 years now. I think it’s safe to say most folks have had enough and are transitioning back into ‘normal’ life as much as possible now. Fortunately for our industry many travelers were more [...]