A Booking Platform for Tour Operators in Watersports & Beyond!

WaveRez is a web based reservation software built for the watersport and tour boat industry. The software features a proprietary matrix scheduling technology making it easy to book, manage, and maintain rental inventory. In 2014, co-founder John Stephens introduced a rental scheduling concept derived from an old magnet board. After using it for several years to book his own rental boats, John teamed up with Greg Fisher and Alex Benko of TripShock to develop a web based reservation software called BookRS. BookRS was rebranded in 2019 as WaveRez due to the software’s increasing focus on water based tours and rentals. WaveRez’s headquarters is located in Destin, FL, but welcomes companies from all over the U.S. to try the #1 booking engine for watersport tour operators, WaveRez!

WaveRez News & Updates

Increasing Your Profit with WaveLogic [Complete Guide with Use Case Scenarios]

As a tour or rental operator you’re always looking for an advantage to squeeze out more value from your business. That may mean adding paid option items like floating mats and coolers or broadening your schedule availability to get more $$ from a single activity or rental. We’ve seen many clever ideas over the years [...]

Increase Profits from your Existing Watersport Equipment & Tours Using WaveLogic Dynamic Pricing!

WaveLogic is a brand new dynamic pricing feature from WaveRez that allows operators to automatically increase prices based on a range of variables. While there are many different watersport pricing strategies to leverage, using the WaveLogic algorithm to dynamically increase prices for in-demand rentals can have a dramatic effect on your bottom line. We’ve found [...]

How to Grow your Watersport Business via Instagram

This blog was inspired by a recent Awkward Watersport Guys Podcast episode discussing the Instagram Paradigm and why Instagram cannot be treated like just another Facebook. Take a listen, and refer to this blog for further information. So you made up your mind that you want to start your watersport business Instagram account, or you [...]