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Best Ways to Stay on Top of Watersports Business Industry Trends

| April 6, 2022 | 9 Min Read

| April 6, 2022 | 9 Min Read
Many boat rental and jet ski tour operators are already back to the high season the way we all know it — while it’s crowded and busy, it’s also very profitable. Data shows that Florida alone has already hit the pre-pandemic number of visitors, and summer hasn’t even approached yet! That’s why it’s paramount, like never before, to stay on high alert for the industry’s latest trends. In this blog, we want to use an opportunity to introduce you to the learning resources we offer to tour operators at WaveRez, so you don’t miss out on all things watersports. Best of all, the resources that we discuss here are available for free, so why not start taking advantage of that?!

WaveRez Podcast

We’ve always been claiming that podcasting is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings by starting your own podcast show or listening to your favorite business shows. Did you know that there’s a business podcast show covering all things watersports? It’s called Weekly Wave presented by WaveRez, and you can listen to it on your favorite podcast app! Although we’ve paused releasing new episodes, there are still 20 great episodes to catch up on. If you aren’t sure about the strategies for your business, then look no further as we cover everything you need to know to keep your watersport business successful, thanks to our CEO, who used to run his own jet ski rental business.

Thought Process behind Creating Show

When we were contemplating the creation of a podcast show, our thought process was based on the idea that watersport operators need a source of information that can share helpful tips and tricks on how to run their businesses. Based on WaveRez’s CEO‘s previous podcasting experience with his separate show, Awkward Watersport Guys, he found out not all watersport tour operators have time to listen to episodes that last for an hour on average. That’s why it presented an opportunity to create a brand new podcast show with a similar narrative but with much shorter episodes. The average length of each episode is around 5 minutes; that’s why you can listen to them on your way to renting boats to your customers.

Show Topic Examples

There are various topics to choose from when it comes to listening to the Weekly Wave podcast, including marketing, business strategy development, and customer communication tips and tricks on how to run your watersport business. Each topic discussion was based on its urgency. For example, episode #12, “Why You Should Be Starting a Watersport Business Today,” was released right before the high season started in beach destinations. Or episode #16, “Why Watersport Businesses Should Adopt Dynamic Pricing Concept,” covered WaveLogic, a WaveRez feature that helps you make bigger profits based on market demands; schedule a free demo with our sales team to learn more about it.

How our Listeners Benefit from Listening to Weekly Wave

Listening to the Weekly Wave podcast not only helps you develop your business strategies but can also help promote your company. For example, before releasing episode #11, “Best Ways to Market in the New Digital Era,” we’ve hosted a topic contest among WaveRez’s social media audience, which resulted in such topic selection. Additionally, Crown Exotics, the winner of our podcast topic contest, has received a gift from us and a mention of their business in the episode. The best way to find out about our next contest is by subscribing to our newsletter; our monthly newsletter covers only essential info so that you hear from us only when it’s most needed.

Listing Podcast Platforms

Weekly Wave podcast lists on the major podcasting platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and many others; check out WaveRez’s full list of podcasting platforms.

WaveRez Blog

What you are reading now is the result of the hard work of our content development team. We cover what you need to know, and if the listening format doesn’t work for you, then WaveRez Blog is a perfect alternative; however, keep in mind that here we cover a different set of topics…

Blog Topic Examples

Whether you’re trying to figure out how to reach your target audience (e.g., seniors or families with kids), how to winterize your boat, or how to de-winterize your jet ski, we have the answers to all your questions! Even if you don’t find the answers to your questions, you can drop them in the comments section under each blog post so that we can answer them in our new blog post. That way, we can make sure not only do we answer your questions but we also continue exploring new ways for keeping watersport operators engaged and get WaveRez software features enhanced. So stop by every month to check out the new WaveRez Blog post!

WaveRez Tutorial

Based on the topic discussion in WaveRez Podcast and WaveRez Blog, as well as your questions on WaveRez Social Media, we are able to figure out what watersport operators need the most these days. This also helps us make sure WaveRez gets the innovative reservation software feature updates, which we can showcase via tutorial videos. Our WaveRez’s software video tutorial playlist on YouTube covers all aspects of our reservation system that helps watersport operators take care of their booking flows and customer communications; schedule your free demo to learn more.

Video Topic Examples

Our robust reservation software designed exclusively for watersport tour operators has a vast set of features that can help your business grow, such as Matrix View, Daily Manifest, Customer Order, and many more; see the videos below for details:

Help Center

In case you need further clarification on things discussed in WaveRez Tutorial, you might want to check out our Help Center. WaveRez’s Help Center answers any questions you may have about working with us, including FAQ, General, Getting Started, Sales Questions, and, of course, Video Tutorials. If you still have unanswered questions, don’t hesitate to ask them via live chat or by contacting us directly, and someone will be with you shortly!


Each month, we try our best to introduce the new features in our WaveRez software that we then cover in WaveRez Tutorial. We collect feedback from our partners and pay close attention to the software performance (e.g., bug reports), so you never experience any delays in managing your operation processes. For example, one of our biggest feature updates includes dynamic pricing functionality, which we’ve worked on for so long. If you don’t know already, a dynamic pricing strategy is one of the key ways to grow your business, and our WaveLogic algorithm lets you increase profits from your existing watersport equipment at no extra cost. Be sure to keep an eye out for more WaveRez news.

WaveRez Social Media

Are you too busy and can’t always watch for a new WaveRez Blog or WaveRez Tutorial? Don’t sweat it! Our social media channels cover all the essential info discussed on our website; plus, over there, we discuss even more tips and tricks on running your watersport business, which we don’t discuss elsewhere.
Additionally, to make sure it’s easy to follow all our updates, we’ve arranged a unique hashtag for each category. For example, if you want to check our new blog post, be sure to search for #WaveRezBlog, or search for #WaveRezPodcast, if you want to learn more about our podcast show.
Not only that, but we also respond to direct messages and your comments, so check out our Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube pages for more details!

WaveRez Monthly Newsletter

We know how busy watersport operators are, especially during the high season, so we understand if you can’t check out our social media on a daily basis, that’s why we came up with an alternative. WaveRez Monthly Newsletter is what it sounds like – we don’t disturb you more than once per month unless we have something extraordinary to share. Here are some good reasons why you should subscribe to WaveRez Newsletter:

  1. Find out what’s happening today in the watersport industry
  2. Get pro tips on how to increase the profitability of your company (e.g., jet ski rental)
  3. Learn snippets of WaveRez Blog, Weekly Wave Podcast Show, and much more

You could also respond to our email newsletters directly with any feedback or get in touch with our support tea, so join our mailing list and be on the lookout for the awesome all things watersports news!


To wind up, our WaveRez team is a group of hard-working individuals that want to make sure watersport tour operators thrive with their jet ski rental and boat tour businesses. It’s like Greg Fisher, WaveRez’s CEO, once said in WaveRez’s About Us video: “If you run a watersports business, then you need WaveRez!”. WaveRez is more than just another online reservation system out there; it’s about the community of like-minded people collaborating to succeed, here’s how:

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