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Getting More Reviews for Your Tour Company


We all want more reviews, right? It’s the day and age of checking the reviews out before we commit to any one thing. In tourism, there are usually so many thing for our customers to do in our area. Everything ranging from jet skis, boat tours, zip lines, restaurants, boat rentals, snorkel trips, sunset tours and etc. The list just goes on and on! In any one category, there are a multitude of companies to choose from both near and far. So outstanding reviews will keep people coming from even further just to have the best experience.

First thing you need to offer is an excellent experience! People love good personable customer service and an amazing experience for their family that they can talk about for years to come.

The second thing would be having reliable good equipment. The customer experience is dependent upon the equipment in rentals and tours. So offering the best equipment will in turn be a better experience for the customer.

The last thing is actually getting the reviews from the customer. Time is in a severe shortage these days, and getting customers to leave a review can sometimes be a struggle. A great way to remind them is to send review requests via email a few days after their trip. Another great thing I personally had great experience with is review cards with a challenge. We wrote all the working employees names on a review card, and told the customers we were having a contest to see how many times we could named in reviews. There was a reward at the end of the season for the employee that won. The customers loved this, and we got a lot of awesome named reviews!

So to sum it all up, you need a sell a great experience with reliable equipment and happy employees, and the reviews will follow!

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