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How to Prep Your Watersport Business for the Holiday Season


So you’ve prepped your watersport business for the end of the season but decided not to call it a year yet? Holidays are the perfect opportunity to increase your margins, and that’s what we’ll go over in this blog article!

In case you don’t know, there are plenty of amazing winter watersports to choose from if you run a watersport business in a snowy region; however, in this post, we’ll go over traditional water-based activities that can be modified to satisfy your guests’ holiday needs. 🙂

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#1: Decorate Your Business Booking Booth and Watersport Equipment

Preparing your travel and attraction business for the holiday season is a no-brainer, and Luther’s Pontoon, Waverunners, & Kayaks Rentals and Olin Marler’s Dolphin Cruises & Fishing Charters, our WaveRez Partners, know how to celebrate in style! Decorating your office space, as well as your boats and jet skis, creates Christmas vibes for both your staff and customers. There are so many deals that you can find online without breaking the bank. See what’s currently on top of watersports business industry trends, and be sure to build on the experiential turn!


#2: Lead Holiday Sweepstakes and Contests


There are many contest ideas for watersport businesses to choose from, just like the prize ideas! No need for extra spending to let your guests have a good time in a fun and chilled atmosphere. This can help make sure that not only do you generate more watersport business reviews but also check on your customer’s satisfaction. So what would it take for you to host an event that can go a long way? 😉


#3: Pivot Your Watersport Business Email Marketing and SMS Marketing Strategies


If you send a monthly newsletter like WaveRez Newsletter, it’s time to share some exciting news about your holiday initiatives this year! The same goes for the SMS/Text messaging strategy that we can facilitate for you with WaveRez. One of the core WaveRez features is letting watersport tour operators send emails and text messages to customers about important things to remember, and holiday deals are sure of those things. Check out the WaveRez Tutorials below to see how easy it is to send text messages and emails using WaveRez:



Don’t forget to take awesome photos and post them on social media by keeping in mind the Instagram algorithm for watersport businesses; Just always keep in mind that it’s all about making your experience more fun!

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