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Increase Profits from your Existing Watersport Equipment & Tours Using WaveLogic Dynamic Pricing!


WaveLogic is a brand new dynamic pricing feature from WaveRez that allows operators to automatically increase prices based on a range of variables. While there are many different watersport pricing strategies to leverage, using the WaveLogic algorithm to dynamically increase prices for in-demand rentals can have a dramatic effect on your bottom line.

We’ve found that watersport tour operators consistently leave money on the table in their high-demand times. If you are sold out on specific dates and are getting calls and turning customers away there’s a strong chance that you could have charged more for that activity/rental and your customer(s) would have been happy to pay extra. Manually changing prices is extremely labor-intensive and generally not feasible for operators, so we developed an automated solution to help with this process. 

WaveLogic uses WaveRanges, which are specific sets of parameters that can be set up for an activity/rental to increase its price at predetermined dates and inventory levels. Using these WaveRanges an operator can automatically increase the price of their product as supply decreases and generate significant boosts to their bottom line without disrupting their customer base. To learn more about how WaveLogic and WaveRez can benefit your watersport business, please reach out to Luke Schulze via email at [email protected], phone at 413-458-1721, or by scheduling a free demo. Also, check out the video tutorial below to see WaveLogic in action:

WaveRez is the only reservation system designed and built for the watersport industry by people with decades of watersport experience. WaveRez makes it easy to sell activities, tours, and rentals, manage your equipment and business, and grow your watersports business!

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