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Looking for Help with WaveRez


WaveRez is a revolutionary new software for watersports companies and tour operators. With so many features, sometimes WaveRez customers need some extra assistance. Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

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What is WaveRez?


WaveRez is an online reservation system that utilizes the best booking software and techniques to sell rentals and experiences, manage inventory, and ultimately increase sales and profit. WaveRez was created by Destin, Florida, locals who are involved in the area watersports scene, and realized the need for a system catered specifically to the watersports industry and tour operators.

WaveRez knows that it can be tough to manage a massive fleet of rentals, tours, and equipment, so they created a way to offer multiple views that allow you to see everything conveniently in one place!


Benefits of Partnering with WaveRez


The benefits of partnering with WaveRez are plentiful, but a good place to start when it comes to the advantages of WaveRez begin with the importance of online booking software and reservation systems. Reservation systems, like WaveRez, are a sure-fire way to increase productivity, and have the potential to greatly increase sales and maximize profits.

Below are just a few of the many benefits associated with making the switch to a digital booking system:

  • Saves time and money when on the job
  • Increases productivity by eliminating distractions and helping with time management
  • Reduces stress and can increase morale
  • Streamlines bookings and payments and can help you stay organized
  • Makes for a better customer experience as a whole

And as if that wasn’t enough, WaveRez also boasts some amazing features that make this deal even sweeter! WaveRez strives to stand out from the pack, offering additional add-ons and perks to help your business grow. Aside from catering specifically to the needs of watersports companies like yours, WaveRez provides other amazing benefits.

  • Rental matrix technology
  • Boarding pass and receipt printer
  • Email management and text message notifications
  • Integration with TripShock.com
  • Inventory control, resource manage, and online reservations
  • The ability to create promo codes
  • Mobile optimization


WaveRez Support


We have created a help desk to answer some of our most common questions regarding WaveRez setup and function. You can quickly and easily search for the information you’re seeking anytime, day or night! Click here to learn more.


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