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WaveRez Software Update – August 2021


We hope your Summer has been fruitful so far! August has been a super busy month and we’re excited to focus on more product updates as Fall rolls in. We have a few features and bug fixes to update you on:

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WaveRez Feature Updates

Wherewolf Integration


We have deployed our phase 1 feature set for the integration of digital waiver software Wherewolf! Once a partner has signed up with Wherewolf and has an account we can now connect the two softwares and provide information between them. You can now see who and when a customer has signed the waiver for a trip in the order detail view! If you are interested in learning more about Wherewolf and our integration please don’t hesitate to reach out to luke@waverez.com.



TripShock Orders Bug Fix


We added more information about a setting that was causing TripShock orders to show ‘confirmed’ on the WaveRez backend even though they had not been marked as ‘confirmed’. A setting within TripShock needs to be unchecked to stop auto-confirming TS orders (regardless if ‘auto-confirm’ is turned off/on on the WR side of things). Please reach out to WaveRez or TripShock support if this is an issue for you.


Review Request Emails


We added options to avoid sending Review Request Emails if a customer was marked as a “No Show” or “Unconfirmed”. If either of these options are checked that customer won’t receive the standard automated review email.



Bug Fixes


  • We’ve updated and added optimizations to prevent manual runs of WaveLogic from timing out in some rare instances.

  • Fixed a bug that was creating issues with occupancy being reflected incorrectly due to ticket errors.

  • Report Updates: We’ve made a bunch of changes to clean up how our reports are presented.

  • We’ve added a pop up upon refunding a Trip with a deposit/tip that allows the user to refund the full amount (tip/deposit included) in one workflow.

As always please feel free to reach out to [email protected] if you have questions or to learn more.


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