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WaveRez Software Update – July 2021


We hope you had a wonderful 4th of July holiday and are having a successful summer so far! We have a few quick updates and a bug fix to inform you of.

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WaveRez Feature Updates

Enable/Disable Email Notifications


We’ve added the option to enable or disable whether email notifications are sent out:



WaveLogic rounding numbers


We’ve added the option within WaveLogic to round the dynamic prices to the next whole number. This can be helpful in keeping your booking portal clean and prices not coming off as random. Under the integrations tab > WaveLogic you’ll see the check box to enable/disable this feature:



Message Notifications


We’ve updated the messaging notifications that appear when a message is sent from the Hourly Manifest, Daily Manifest, or Matrix views. Messages sent from one view will show in the other views and can be collapsed/expanded to save space in the backend.


Bug Fixes


We’ve fixed a bug that prevented a ticket drop down menu from scrolling when creating a new order.

As always, feel free to reach out to support or sales with questions, comments, or suggestions!
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