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WaveRez Software Update – June 2021


What an incredible Spring it’s been this year! We hope you have been doing well, here are some WaveRez feature updates for June.

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WaveRez Feature Updates

Change available tickets from the Matrix

You now have the ability to disable a ticket for a specific time via the Matrix. Click the pencil box next to a time column in Matrix view to “Change Available Tickets”. (I.e, If you didn’t want to send a 9 hour Trip at this time, you can unselect it and save, then the 9-hour trip will no longer be available.)

Email Updates

You can now see if your customers have received and read the emails you are sending them.



Additionally, if you have links in your confirmation email, you can see if the customer clicked on them. (Note* we can only show if a customer clicks a link, not a specific link, or all links.)


Updated “Message Customer” Functionality


We’ve added the ability to: 

  • Globally message customers from the Matrix view
  • Send messages to customers of the same Trip under the Matrix view (i.e. send a message to all Wave Runner rentals on a specific day)
  • Send messages to all customers at a certain time under the Hourly Manifest view
  • Send messages to all customers for a certain Trip under the Daily Manifest view
  • Send messages to all customers from different views (Matrix, Daily, and Hourly)
  • Filter by Status upon sending a message
  • Select certain customers to send the message to

Promo Codes Update


You can now specify which product a promo code applies to. This is perfect if you want to provide a discount code for a specific group of Trips. (I.e. 10% off all pontoon rentals).


Daily/Hourly UI/UX Update


We’ve added an “Expand/Collapse” button on the Daily and Hourly Manifest views so you can easily toggle between details and Trips/Departure Times.

Booking Portal Ticket Sort


We’ve added the ability to sort the order of how your tickets show up on the booking portal. Go to Settings > Resources > Trips > select Trip > Tickets > and click on the up/down arrows to sort the order of that Trip’s tickets.


Bug Fixes/Minor Updates


  • TripShock orders can now take tips as long as a payment method has been added within WaveRez (we cannot recharge the TS payment method).
  • The email bounce list now shows what email bounced so the operator is more informed.


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