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WaveRez Software Update – May 2022


Hey watersport tour operator! I hope you’ve had a fruitful Q1 and I’m sure like us you’re glad to be heading into Summer. We’ve completed a bunch of cool little improvements, have been speeding up the software and fixing bugs, and have been working on some larger projects that I’ll be updating you about soon. As always, if you have any questions please reach out to our support team.


Table of Contents


WaveRez Feature Updates

User updates


We’ve updated the User feature to allow more user roles with differing access rights. If you are interested in adding additional user roles please reach out to support.


Extra Payment updates


We’ve added an additional option under the Extra Payment Category for ‘Other’. This allows you to dictate an add on payment in an order and create a custom title for it.




Promo Code Manifest updates


Promo code usage now displays on our manifest pages.



Cart lists show up in the Matrix view


We’ve added a feature that lists out current carts in the manifest view so you have a more clear view of what is happening real time from an inventory and sales perspective.



Bug fixes and minor updates


  • Fixed and updated bugs around our booking portal lightframe implementation.
  • Cleaned up the way Options print on boarding passes and receipts.
  • Updated the way the date button on the manifest pages works. The date button now brings up the calendar to the month that the current date is in. The main calendar link still brings up the calendar to the current month. 
  • Added the ability to send a waiver through our Wherewolf integration to a customer without an email address included.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing maintenance mode from disabling equipment.
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing incorrect prices to display in the booking portal “Starting at” area.




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