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WaveRez Software Update – October 2021


Happy Halloweekend! We hope your Fall is going well. We’re busy working on some bigger changes to our platform during this off season but we have a few updates and bug fixes to mention, read on to learn more.

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WaveRez Feature Updates

Booking Portal Color Changes


You can now change the colors on your booking portal should you want to. Under Settings > System Setup > Configurations > Booking Portal Settings scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the option to change background and text colors for main pages and individual trip pages.



Ticket Availability Update


You are now able to see the pricing when you change the availability of tickets from the Matrix view.



Promo Code Sort


We’ve added functionality to Promo Codes that allows you to sort their order. This way you can sort your most used promo codes to the top of the dropdown to smooth out your workflow. Under Promotions > Select the Promo Code you want to order and apply a number to it using the Priority section. The higher the number the higher the priority (i.e. priority 100 will be above priority 50).



Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug related to Tips reporting so Tips are now reported on the Trip Arrival date vs. when the order was made.

  • Fixed a bug related to Tips info not showing in the Order Details page.

  • Updated how Wherewolf “signed in guests” are presented to make it cleaner.


As always, if you have questions or need help please reach out to [email protected]. Happy Halloween!

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