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WaveRez Software Update – September 2021


Happy Fall, we’re looking forward to the upcoming 4th quarter and finishing out 2021 strong! We have a few updates to share and we’re working on some larger projects during the off season that we’ll have ready for next year.

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WaveRez Feature Updates

Multi-Trip check-in


We’ve updated the check-in process so operators can choose what trips to check-in when an order has multiple trips in it. This is useful for orders that have trips booked on different days.



Customer email export


 You can now export your customer email list in .csv format so you can add them to your marketing channels easily. Under Marketing > Emails > Export you can select a date range and export the list.




We’ve added the ability to easily add your WhereWolf waiver link to your reminder emails.



Updated Sales Report


We’ve updated and enhanced the Sales Report so partners can see Options Sales and choose specifics related to how the report presents. For more information on this please reach out to [email protected].


Apply Tips to specific Trips


We’ve added functionality that allows partners to apply tips to specific trips if an order has multiple trips in it.



As always if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to [email protected] to guide you through any new updates.

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