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WaveRez Software Features [Complete Guide]

| June 1, 2022 | 7 Min Read

| June 1, 2022 | 7 Min Read
We know how overwhelming it can get when you’re looking for a specific reservation software feature through WaveRez tutorials on YouTube, so it made sense for us to put together an ultimate guide that goes over all the features. Read through to find out how your water sport business can benefit from WaveRez, and schedule a free demo session with our sales team if you have any questions about any program function.

Matrix View

We know how difficult it can be to manage a lot of equipment at one time, so that’s when we decided to make it simple. Our Matrix View will make it easy for you to manage and book all your equipment and departure times all in one view.
This view allows you to see all of your equipment, schedules, and bookings all in one daily overview. From one piece of equipment to a large fleet of different types of equipment, this view makes it easy to see and manage it all. You can easily block times, equipment, or even temporarily disable the whole day each with just one click. The Matrix View is what we like to refer to as a very advanced calendar for all of your equipment. The intuitive grid like view allows you to also see all potential places to maximize your day and book out without overbooking.

Daily Manifest

Daily Manifest View helps keep all of your orders organized day to day. This view makes it easy to see your customers’ information at a glance all organized by day, time and equipment. This view makes it easy to also send text messages in mass to all your customers.
The Daily and Hourly manifests automatically organize your orders and sort the ones already checked in to the bottom so everything you need is always close to the top. The Daily Manifest sorts your orders by trip types, time, and equipment. The Hourly Manifest sorts by time, then trips and equipment. We offer both so you can use what best fits your business.
Both views offer the ability to broadcast internal notes for your crew, send out mass text messages to your customers, quickly print what’s needed, or even add a quick payment. You can also see the totals and what’s been paid for each order. We even added eye catching colors to help draw attention right from this page to orders that have over or under payments to keep check in even simpler.

Customer Order

The Customer Order view allows you to see and change all the detailed information from an order including names, phone numbers, and trips. It also allows you to quickly move or change the reservation as needed. We offer other helpful features inside the order view like notes, logs, customer history, and payment information.
Upon opening an order, you’ll be on the overview screen for a quick overview of all order details. Everything is easily changed by navigating through the tabs to quickly move to the section that needs to be edited. Whether it be date and time, trip type, or contact information, we have made it quick and easy to access and change as needed. Also no matter what tab view you’re in, you’ll also be able to see a summary of information along with payment totals on top of every screen.

Administrative Settings (former Admin Resources)

We offer many admin resources, including administrative settings within our system. These resources allow you to quickly manage your listings, prices and availability. They also allow you to set custom pricing and manage your users.
Everything that Support sets up during onboarding can all be changed by an admin in Settings. We don’t keep much of anything restricted from the owner or admin’s view. You can change how your listings read, ticket prices, schedules and a lot more uniquely customizable settings all from the settings menu. We’ve optimized this to be easy to use and quickly accessible so that you can change what you need to, when you need to. Of course, Support is available to help with any issues or major changes while you’re getting comfortable.

Wave Logic, A.K.A. Dynamic Pricing

The Wave Logic feature was designed to help make your business more money with less effort. Wave Logic allows you to set automatic rules based on sales to increase your pricing as demand increases on a day to day basis. Best of all, it all happens automatically with no effort!
Wave Ranges, as we refer to them, can help you optimize your business profits without any effort past initial setup. The 4th of July is usually one of the busiest days on the water and is often sold out well in advance. Wave Ranges can take advantage of this by setting automatic price increases in advance so as supply dwindles and demand increases, your profit seamlessly rises in response to this.

Calendar Controls

Calendar Controls are a set of controls that allow you to customize your unique scheduling needs. They allow you to make custom changes to pricing, availability, and equipment by date range and days of the week. These controls make setting up your seasonal schedules and pricing in advance simple and easy.
From simple schedule closures to complex daily/weekly/monthly schedules and pricing, WaveRez’s Calendar Controls can handle them all. We specialize in the complex handling of large fleets of equipment so while we can handle quite complex business schedules and pricing builds, we can also handle the simple things too.
We know how Calendar Controls can be confusing and intimidating at first, but rest assured we have a huge helpdesk resource that has both articles and videos to help suit different learning styles. We also offer virtual live training on this topic in addition to regular onboarding training, if desired.

Email Setup

Automated emails are already set up when the account has been created. A confirmation email is sent out to customers when they book. The confirmation email contains basic information about the order as well as the link to their voucher. The cancellation email is also set up by default. Reminder and review emails are off by default but can be set up under emails to be sent at a predetermined number of days. The default formatting for these reminder and review emails is also set up at account creation.
If these default settings work for you feel free to keep them this way. If you prefer a more custom setup or even just want to rearrange a few things, we’ve made it easy to do so from Email Templates. You can rearrange things, as well as add things like HTML supported text boxes that can even be limited to just 1 specific trip type or social media buttons. With the HTML support, we have quite a bit of flexibility on what we can create in emails. Support is happy to help you get creative here! Check out each type of email that you can set up in WaveRez: Cancellation Email, Confirmation Email, Reminder Email, and Review Email.

Whether you run a jet ski rental or a boat tour business, rest assured that our watersports industry-leading booking engine will have a space for your company, be sure to drop us a line to see if you’re eligible. 😉

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