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Where to Buy and Sell Used Boats and Jet Skis

With everyone talking about the potential upcoming recession these days, it’s important to be prepped for the worst and hope for the best. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the best online marketplaces for selling and getting used jet skis and boats for your watersport business. Although used equipment comes with many challenges, it doesn’t mean you should refrain from buying used equipment altogether if the time dictates, and, likewise, sometimes, the right time comes to sell used equipment. Read on to learn about the legit marketplaces trusted by WaveRez partners.

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#1: Craiglist

Good ol’ forum platform for having discussions around everything and anything, as well as selling/buying stuff, including boats, jet skis, and parts/accessories for them. Although there isn’t a topic category dedicated to boating, there are similar categories — outdoors, travel forum, and an open forum for any other discussion. If you need clarification on purchasing/selling items for your watersports business, then Craiglist is the platform that could serve as both starting and ending points.


#2: eBay

A well-known, very navigable platform makes your second-hand watersport shopping experience seamless. eBay highlights the condition items sold in (e.g., very good), making it easier for operators to determine whether sold items will serve their needs. Likewise, if you’re selling boats and/or jet skis on eBay — be sure to provide as descriptive info on your item as possible to avoid getting a complaint. Be responsive to potential buyer messages to prevent delays in shipping orders and cancelations. Additionally, some eBay sellers have a checkmark next to their name, providing extra security and assurance that they are legit. Furthermore, sometimes you could bid on offers for a good price. Finally, sometimes, if you add items to your wishlist or just open their listing, you might get an email later with a bargain in case you feel like an item needs to be discounted. All in all, eBay is a great platform for snagging good deals watersport tour operators can be looking for, so don’t overlook it.


#3: Facebook Marketplace

Needless to the introduction, Facebook Marketplace is the online shopping experience feature of Facebook where you can get everything and anything, including watersports accessories and equipment. What makes this platform stand out from others is its social media aspect — you get to see the seller’s profile and find out if you have mutual friends to whom you can reach out for confirmation of the seller’s legitimacy. Likewise, keep in mind that buyers could similarly research your Facebook profile if you’re selling your watersport items, so don’t try to trick anyone because chances are you may share connections.


#4: Your Local Boat Market or Trader

If you’re looking not only to buy/sell your watersport business essentials but also to support companies local to your region, then searching for your local boat market or trader is your best bet. Additionally, traders can offer bargains if you’re trading in your boat or jet ski. Some of the markets that are local to us with an established footprint are Florida Mariner and MarineMax, but, of course, this could vary based on your location. Typically, these companies have a robust website, so it’s usually easy to find what you are looking for or find out what they don’t have. By the way, having a robust website is crucial for watersport operators as well, so if you need help in making it happen, be sure to reach out to us. Our dev team can create a landing page for your business once you become one of many WaveRez Partners. Schedule your free appointment with our sales team today to learn how you can start supercharging your watersport business today!


#5: Boatyard or Marina

Lastly, if neither of the aforementioned options works for you, your final resort could also be a boatyard — a place that often gets overlooked by watersport business owners. You may not need to visit this spot until you need it; however, it might be located right in your marina, and it can have just what you need. Ditto, no need to bother listing the watersport goods you’re looking to sell online if the boatyard owner can get them from you. Also, if your marina doesn’t have a boatyard but does have other watersport businesses, then just try asking around and see if someone is interested in getting items from you. At the end of the day, watersport industry is about fun, making connections, and learning new ways to grow your company.



Ultimately, there’s not really a single best way to buy/sell used boats and jet skis, as it varies on a case-by-case basis for each watersport tour operator. Some business owners may prefer to go out to a boatyard or marina, while others may prefer to go straight online to marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace or eBay. One thing to keep in mind is that no matter which way you buy or sell your used watersport equipment, it’s always better to have a mechanic present to ensure you’re not getting what isn’t depicted or getting a complaint from the purchaser later. Beware of scams, many of which have been reported on Craiglist throughout the years, but other than that enjoy the process and do the best you can to grow your watersport business. 🙂

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