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yamaha ex for rentals

Yamaha EX for Rentals


A few years ago, Yamaha came out with it’s EX series Waverunner. These jet skis are sporty, nimble little machines that were built to rival the Seadoo Spark. The price point comes in much lower than the base VX big brother, so the appeal is there for the rental market.

If you need to replace your old jet skis that won’t start, or are thinking about getting into the waverunner rental business, you’ll want to keep reading!

So, is the Yamaha EX that good for rentals?

The Yamaha EX is a dependable waverunner, but is it a good choice for your rental inventory? To answer that question, we will weigh certain factors including price, dependability, handling, size, and weight capacity.


The entry price point on the Yamaha EX comes in at $6,799, which is quite a bit lower than the base VX model at $9,699. This appeal is good for the prospect of the rental market because even well taken care of jet skis can only expect to see 3 seasons of use. If you know how to maintain the waverunners in your rental inventory, the Yamaha EX should provide great value to your tour company.


The EX is nimble and sporty. This jet ski is sure to impress some renters with its ability to quickly accelerate and handle with ease. It’s just simply more fun to ride for the more experienced riders. This is not the best thing in the rental market, though.

A large majority of renters do not have experience operating jet skis and the nimbleness of this model can easily feel like instability to someone with less experience. 

Size & Weight Capacity

The Yamaha EX Waverunner also claims to be a 3 seater jet ski. The weight capacity is significantly lower than the VX, and the EX is much more narrow than the VX model. The 3 seater EX model is truly a 2 seater jet ski. Even with just two people on this waverunner, it still can be difficult for inexperienced riders to keep it upright. 

Results – Should You Add the Yamaha EX to Your Rental Inventory?

So, is the Yamaha EX a good for rentals? EX’s are a fun and good new model for Yamaha, and does well in the rental market. However, the Yamaha EX should be an addition to a fleet of other bigger models like the VX in order to cover a wider base of different customers experience and needs. 

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