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WaveRez has a variety of resources available for watersport tour operators for free! Let us become your one-stop-shop for all questions you have about the rental industry.


WaveRez’s Blog articles series covers the watersports industry trends, as well as provides insights on how to keep your equipment (e.g., jet ski, pontoon boats, WaveRunners, etc.) always maintained. They get released on a biweekly basis on Wednesdays 3 PM CST. You can read our blogs directly on our website here.

Help Center

Our support team is always available for you! Even if you have a question related to WaveRez software outside of business hours, you can still refer to our articles 24/7 posted here.

“Weekly Wave” Podcast Series

Weekly Wave is a Podcast Series broadcasted by WaveRez in which the watersports veteran, and WaverRez’s CEO, Greg Fisher, discusses the challenges faced by watersport tour operators and how they can be solved. Each new episode gets released on a biweekly basis on Mondays at 3 PM CST. You can listen to Weekly Wave on your favorite podcast platform here or directly on our website.