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Complex Resource Management
Keeping track of multiple equipment and trips can be exhausting. With Watersport companies in mind, Waverez provides multiple views to allow you the easiest way to view your bookings.
Rapid Inventory Control
With instant access to your equipment, close and open out trips in an instant.
Amazon® AWS Intergration
With Amazon AWS, alert your customers of delays or cancellations via text messages in one easy step.
Truly built with your business in mind

The Perfect Solution
for Watersport and Tour Operators

Stay afloat with these
Virtual Workstation
Add a receipt printer and credit card swipe to create a workstation wherever you need to do business.
Mobile Optimized
Use your tablet or mobile phone to manage your account on the go.
Promo Codes & Vouchers
Guests receive booking vouchers after paying online which can be redeemed at the business for tickets.

Allow your users to apply promo codes to bookings.

Advanced Inventory Syncing
One-way file synchronization, also called mirroring, updated files are copied from a 'source' location to one or more 'target' locations.

Your inventory is available in real-time across all booking channels including

Accept Secure Payments Online
Online payments are processed securely through our software. Credit cards are validated.

All payments and customer data is securely processed through a reputable payment gateway.

Text Message Notifications
With the use of Amazon® AWS integration, send text message confirmations to your clients.

Reach out to a larger group, send messages via text or email to your customers to let them know about delays or bad weather.

Tripshock® Integration
Syncing of your Tripshock® bookings is as easy as doggy paddling. Waverez® automatically shows you your Tripshock® bookings. Close down or open trips with out having to speak with a Tripshock® representative.
Receipt Printer Integration
Print out boarding passes or receipts in a instant.
Complex Resource Management
Set up multiple schedules for one or more trips. Have a large fleet? See each individual equipment availability in our easy to use Matrix view.

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