Pricing | Waverez Tour Operator Software Subscription & Cost


Our WaveRez tour operator software pricing works for companies of all sizes. Whether you operate a single charter fishing vessel or a fleet of pontoon boats & jet skis, you’ll find that WaveRez activity booking software is as affordable as it is versatile. With optional add-ons including Text Message notifications, you can customize to fit your needs and still not break the budget!

Competitive Industry Rates

It's worth it
WaveRez System Software License
System Set Up Deposit
WaveRez Online Booking Fee
4% - 6%*
The pricing tiers are based on yearly online revenue.
6% - Tier 1: up to 500k
5% - Tier 2: 500k to under 1M
4% - Tier 3: 1M and above

*We recommend you charge this to your customer.

Phone Bookings, Walk-ups, & Affiliate Bookings
Bookings that are manually added to the system are free of charge.
*After $99 of online booking fees are generated in a month (e.g. if using the software without online booking enabled, partners will be charged $99/month)
Merchant Processing For Credit Cards
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WaveRez is compatible with several merchant processors including Stripe, Elavon, Heartland, First Data, and more. During onboarding, we can handle this for you, or you can work with your existing merchant processor to get set up.

Questions About Our WaveRez Tour Operator Software Pricing?

We are here to help with answers to your WaveRez questions! Be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information. If you’re ready to see WaveRez in action, SCHEDULE A DEMO with one of our team members today!