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Top Editing Marketing Tools for Watersport and Boat Tour Operators Recommended by an Industry-Leading Reservation Software


This blog article will give you an exclusive look at what marketing tools we recommend for watersports and boat tour operators to assist with your marketing efforts. Previously, we covered the top 5 marketing educational platforms and best marketing tools that we regularly use at WaveRez; otherwise, we wouldn’t have recommended them to you. Following the same logic, here are some marketing tools that we actively use at WaveRez that watersport operators can also use at WaveRez that watersport operators can also use.

As a small disclaimer, the notion we had for writing this blog was not creating another “top 5 marketing tools list”, which you can easily pull out, but rather, we wanted to share with you what we truly believe is worth your investment because it helps with our own watersports-business-focused marketing efforts. Most of the softwares you will see in this list are mobile apps, and it’s because we realize how busy watersports and boat tour operators can get, especially during high seasons. If you and your colleagues in the tour & travel industry are looking for an opportunity to grow your watersport business, then look no further – the ways you develop your marketing message determines your travel company branding identity. With that being said, let’s get right into our list of top editing tools for watersport and boat tour operators.

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#1: Adobe Creative Cloud



This set of tools is essential for our marketing strategy planning at WaveRez. Without the help of Adobe Illustrator, it would’ve been hard for us to plan our Instagram grid layout, to which we pay a lot of attention and recommend you do too. Adobe Photoshop is also the tool that we use for editing our team photos, for example. This tool helps us make sure all images have consistent backgrounds and lack defects. Some of the things boat tour operators can do using Adobe Creative Cloud include:

Sure, Adobe Creative Cloud might seem too advanced in the beginning, but the good news is that platforms like LinkedIn Learning have a bunch of certificate courses that can explain how to use these tools. Trust us, it’s worth your time and investment to explore this set of tools because it will take your tour & rental company branding and identity to the next level. Another great thing about Adobe Creative Cloud is that many Adobe programs have mobile apps, which can be very convenient for starting a design project on your desktop and then picking up where you left off on a mobile device. Considering how busy watersport and boat tour operators can be, convenience and flexibility are key.


#2: Freepik



Social media users are known to engage with entertaining, inspiring, and educational content more often than with other types of content. Websites like Freepik are very handy for finding images related to these content pieces. Dozens of freelancers post tons of different images that reflect pretty much any kind of topic you can think of, including watersports. Best of all, you can use Freepik for free so long as you give credit to someone who created a picture each time you use their media. Just beware that sometimes you may want to set limits for using the stock photos because there are instances when they can work against you, such as when dealing with difficult customers.

Apart from pictures, Freepik also offers many vectors, PSDs, and icons that you can use as a baseline for editing, making it a great resource for these purposes. Whether it’s your tour company logo or business merchandise that you are working on, don’t overlook Freepik’s potential in your design projects.


#3: InShot



Do you have that itch to edit the video you want without limiting yourself to the options Instagram has? InShot is a great tool to scratch that itch! With tons of audio and transition effects to choose from, it works great for us at WaveRez to make awesome Instagram Reels. If you’re looking for ways to take your videos to the next level, then look no further. InShot requires little to no skills and is pretty intuitive, unlike Adobe Creative Cloud that may seem more professional. Next time you want to show off a compilation of the footage covering your beautiful location and happy customers, consider using InShot to make your videos more engaging.


#4: mojo



To make your experience better with InShot, consider adding mojo. mojo is the starting point for our Instagram Reels, because that’s where we set the initial parameters of the graphics (e.g., text and images). We often gather pictures from websites like Freepik, which we then insert into the graphic video produced in mojo. Whether it’s a dynamic pricing concept or general WaveRez software explanation, things would get trickier without this tool, as all you need is to have your smartphone and get it done while boating. Just like InShot, mojo is a very user-friendly software, and you can still do some tricks in it, even if you delegate your marketing.


#5: VSCO



Lastly, but certainly not least, the final tool that every watersport operator shouldn’t overlook is VSCO. At WaveRez, we use VSCO mainly for photo editing to make any last-minute touches if we weren’t able to use Adobe Creative Cloud on time. A nice thing about VSCO is that you can set your photo filter parameters that you use more often than others. This can help make sure you save your valuable time on editing pictures that watersport operators often lack.





While this isn’t a complete list of the editing tools we use at WaveRez, we believe it should give you a good idea of what watersports-industry leading reservation software bases its marketing on. Hopefully, you found this information helpful and will start using different software solutions for your marketing content editing needs; and if there are any specifics you want to learn more about, feel free to contact us.

By the way, check out our 2 other guides on other marketing tools and certificate courses watersport operators shouldn’t overlook. Additionally, we believe you’ll enjoy learning other best online resources for watersport operators to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings, among which there’s our proprietary WaveRez newsletter. You can get a free strategic guide on managing your bookings, so sign up today!

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