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5 Brilliant Ways to Prevent Chargebacks for Watersport Operators


Chargebacks can be a significant headache for watersport operators, causing financial losses and operational disruptions. Chargebacks occur when a customer disputes a credit card transaction, resulting in a refund of the purchase amount. While some chargebacks are legitimate, many can be prevented with proactive measures. Here are five brilliant ways to prevent chargebacks and protect your watersport business. 1. Implement Security Cameras at Your...

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Emerging Trends: Younger Millennials Display Decreased Interest in Watersport Purchases


As the sun sets over the emerald waters of popular destinations like the Florida Panhandle, South Alabama, and Key West, the watersport industry faces an unexpected challenge. Recent data from TripShock.com reveals a concerning drop in watersport activities year over year (YOY). This decline is most prominent among the primary demographic of watersport enthusiasts aged 25-34, with certain activities experiencing a decrease of over 50%. In this blog...

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