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Getting Started with a New Reservation System


The team at WaveRez understands getting started with a new reservation system may be stressful. Wether it's your first time or you're switching, we want to make setup for your reservation system easy and painless. First Step Getting started with WaveRez is simple. We start with sending you a proposal and setting up a good time for you to demo our system with us so you can see if it's a good fit for your business. We will show you what your business...

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Yamaha EX for Rentals


A few years ago, Yamaha came out with it’s EX series Waverunner. These jet skis are sporty, nimble little machines that were built to rival the Seadoo Spark. The price point comes in much lower than the base VX big brother, so the appeal is there for the rental market. If you need to replace your old jet skis that won't start, or are thinking about getting into the waverunner rental business, you'll want to keep reading! So, is the Yamaha EX that...

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Why Won't My Jet Ski or WaveRunner Start


Yamaha Waverunners (specifically operated on salt water) occasionally run into some corrosion and battery issues, which is the most common reason why your equipment randomly won't start. So here's how to fix it quickly. Trouble Shooting If you're trying to start it and the digital screen is trying to flash and it sounds like it might start: First thing, check the connections of the cable to the battery and make sure the battery isn't damaged...

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How to Choose the Perfect Reservation Software for Watersport Companies


We know you're wondering what makes us different than any other reservations system. Well we are locals on a mission to help simplify your companies reservations by offering live inventory that your customers can book from where ever, when ever. Also, since it's live inventory it can help maximize your profits by being able to fill every open boat or seat. We have a customizable matrix that can show you and your team what is available at any given...

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Getting More Reviews for Your Tour Company


We all want more reviews, right? It's the day and age of checking the reviews out before we commit to any one thing. In tourism, there are usually so many thing for our customers to do in our area. Everything ranging from jet skis, boat tours, zip lines, restaurants, boat rentals, snorkel trips, sunset tours and etc. The list just goes on and on! In any one category, there are a multitude of companies to choose from both near and far. So outstanding...

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How to Maintain a WaveRunner or Jet Ski to Keep it Lasting for Years


First things first, you always want to refer to your owner manual for your equipment to check about specifics pertaining to your specific equipment. The knowledge in this article pertains to 2017 to 2018 Yamaha Waverunner EX’s and VX’s as well as 2014 to 2016 Yamaha Waverunner VX’s. Though, most ideas will apply to most any equipment being operated on salt water daily. The idea behind maintenance is to extend the life of your equipment. At...

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Looking for Help with WaveRez


We have created a help desk to answer the some of our most common questions. You can quickly and easily search for the information you're seeking anytime day or night! Click here to learn more. We are always available via LiveChat Monday - Friday 8AM to 5PM. Click here to chat with us...

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