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TripShock Website Revamped & Why Watersport Operators Are In for a Treat


If you’re familiar with WaveRez then you may have also been introduced to our sister company TripShock, WaveRez has a long standing relationship with TripShock.

TripShock is the leading provider of watersports and boating activities in the Gulf Coast Region. Founded in 2009 with just one fishing charter, the company has grown rapidly over the last decade. In the last three years alone, TripShock has brought on over 200 new partners and added over 1000 new activity listings to the site. It is considered to be the preferred and, in many cases, the exclusive reseller of operators in the Gulf region. TripShock’s membership in various watersports communities across the country gives the company exclusive access to many operators’ services. The company also works hard to foster positive relationships with each partner in order to provide an exceptional customer service experience for all guests.

TripShock has recently pivoted to an exclusive focus on water-based activities and has launched a revamped and redesigned website. TripShock’s new website features stunning visuals that showcase the beauty of each destination before visitors arrive there. Visitors are treated to a fast and easy to use database of detailed activity listings for watersports and boating activities such as parasailing, jet skiing, dolphin cruises, sailing charters, and much more.

So why is TripShock Rebranding important to you as a WaveRez partner?


Well, if you’re also a TripShock partner then you should be excited for the updates as they should improve conversions and help increase brand awareness and sales. Additionally, changing TripShock’s focus to water based activities will divert more resources to our industry. 

If you’re exclusively a WaveRez partner then the updates should provide a clue as to some of our forthcoming design changes we’re planning. Being our parent company, TripShock and WaveRez share much of the same framework. With that being said you can look forward to an updated Booking Portal both from a visual perspective and functionality wise. We’re currently in the beginning stages of engineering the new TripShock design to work for WaveRez and organizing the feature updates that we want to include. 

This is a large undertaking but upon seeing how the new TripShock website came out we are excited to get our chance to revamp and upgrade. We’re looking forward to sharing progress with you and cannot wait to unveil the new Booking Portal. If you have ideas around functionality or design, please don’t hesitate to shoot them to [email protected].

Thank you!

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