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Here’s How to Grow Your Watersport Business without Getting New Boats and Jet Skis!

Has the season been slow for your watersport company, and are you trying to figure out how to grow your business in an unstable economic situation? In this blog, we will cover tips and tricks on how to grow your business without getting new equipment!

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#1: Your Existing Equipment Can Serve You Just Well!


Many watersport operators tend to think that having more boats and/or jet skis is the only way to grow the business. Sure, it can be true for many, but let us reassure you that the number of pieces of equipment in your possession isn’t always the success rate measure. A WaveRez Boat Tour Partner, You Call It Water Adventures, for example, to whom we devote this point is one boat business, and we helped them, as well as other WaveRez Partners, make sure they sell water-based activities full time. With features like Daily Manifest, Matrix View, and more, you won’t miss a single booking, especially right now when every single reservation counts; with WaveRez, it’s a no-brainer. Schedule your free demo session with our product team today to find out how to grow your watersport business without spending money on extra boats and jet skis.


#2: Sell Your Old Boats and Jet Skis!


In times like this, selling your old equipment can be right, so you make some cash to set aside for emergencies should something unexpected happen. When better times start kicking in, you can then begin looking into buying new or used equipment for your watersport business, as well as where to buy used boats and jet skis. Having said that, there’s not much use for something that isn’t being actively utilized; instead, try looking into your watersport business’ pricing strategies and see if you can pivot things.


#3: Check Your SEO and Digital Marketing Efforts!


When did you last check your watersport business site’s robustness or email marketing trends? There are always new things to look out for! ChatGPT, Instagram algorithm for growing watersport business, you name it; It could even be an opportunity to get certified via platforms like HubSpot Academy and LinkedIn Learning or learn how to use a new editing tool, such as InShot. Be sure to know key ways watersport operators use to check on their customer’s satisfaction, as, more often than not, it’s not about purchasing additional boats or jet skis.


#4: Revisit Your Water-Based Activity Offerings!


If you run a boat tour or offer boat rentals, now could be the time to look for a new theme for fun and unordinary water-based activities and adjust accordingly. Getting a new add-on is much cheaper than getting a new piece of equipment, and that could make the whole difference. See if there are any insights you can gather from your customer reviews across review platforms used by watersport operators and learn why reviews are important in the tour industry.


#5: List With Watersports Online Travel Agencies


We firmly believe every tool out there needs to be industry-specific; that’s why we made sure our reservation software WaveRez is packed with features demanded by watersport tour operators, such as Calendar Controls, Dynamic Pricing, and so much more. Likewise, our sister company, TripShock, has recently gone through the rebranding process to become the only Southeast Watersports Marketplace — below is the video that dives into the details:



Completing the request for an invitation to join TripShock is a no-brainer and does not obligate you in any way, it simply helps them get to know you — learn how watersport tour operators benefit from TripShock Rebranding.




As it turns out, there are quite a few ways to grow your watersport business with no or little spending to choose from that can go a long way in generating extra revenue. The only way to find out which of these ideas might work for your business is to give them all a try and see what sticks. Follow us on social media to get more pro tips like this and for all things watersports. 🙂


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