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Adding Tips to an Order

In order to add tips to an order and have the order balance, there would first need to be a trip created specifically for tips. If when making a new reservation, when selecting an activity, you have “tips” as a selection on the drop down then this has been created for you. If not please reach out to [email protected] to have this added. If it’s already been created move on to the next step:

If an existing order would like to add a tip to their order:

  1. Open the order you’d like to add the tip to
  2. Go to the trips page
  3. Click on add new trip under the Paid amount on the top right hand area of the screen.
  4. Answer Yes to would you like to add a new item to this reservation.
  5. Select tips from the drop down (if you have to select a date and time then also select the applicable date and time. Most likely this won’t be an option)
  6. Click Next
  7. The next screen is an overview of the new tips “trip” Do not adjust the amount of tickets. This is a ticket count and not the price of the tips. Leave it at 1
  8. Click Save New Trip in the bottom right hand of the screen.
  9. This will take you back into the order where you can go to the trips tab again and adjust the price of the tip trip to the amount of the tip that was given.
  10. After adding a new trip to an order you MUST go in and manually add the payment for the tip amount on the payments screen. You can charge the existing card on file or add another form of payment in order for the paid amount to match the total and balance the order.

Adding a trip of any kind to an order DOES NOT automatically charge the card on file. You must add the trip, adjust the price, and then add an additional payment.

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