Recommended Credit Card Reader - WaveRez

Recommended Credit Card Reader

If a partner has a lot of walk-up reservations or pay on arrival type bookings they may find it easier/quicker to use a Credit Card Swiper to accomplish this with the RS/Waverez system. With that being said we recommend the following product for our users:

Mag-Tek 21040110 USB Keyboard Emulation, Track I/II Card Reader, Black

This swiper fills in all Credit Card information including credit card number, expiration date(month & year) and card holder’s first and last name.

Note: A client must turn off auto-fill settings so the system does not store the customer’s credit card information and try to auto-fill on other websites. To stop this follow the below steps:

  1. In Your Web Browser go to Settings
  2. Then go to Advanced Settings
  3. Autofill Settings, then Credit Cards
  4. Make sure this Setting is Off:

Link to Purchase: