Understanding Calendar Controls

  1. Ticket Control: You can update the amount of tickets available across all boards and pricing. Also, can Stop Sell – All or only on Tripshock. Note: Can update for all schedule times.
  2. Option Control: Ability to add different activities for each Trip type.
  3. Schedule Settings: Here you can update min/max ticket amounts & disable a schedule. Note: Can update for all schedule times.
  4. Equipment Control: Here you can select an individual piece of equipment, for instance, they can pick Surfboard Rentals and pick Surfboard A to adjust for any schedule time or all. Once a user selects which piece of equipment to Edit they can either make it unavailable or change the amount of Max Tickets.
  5. Open/Close Tickets: You can select to Open or Close All tickets for a trip and selection of times. A user can close/open all or only close/open Tripshock. PLEASE NOTE: If you have contacted us to set limits for TripShock sales, using this function may change the specific limits we have set for TripShock.
  6. Open/Close Schedules: This lets you pick a trip, select 1 or multiple schedules to open or close completely. This seems very similar to Open/Close Tickets. .
  7. Open/Close Equipment: This lets a you pick a single piece of equipment and either open or close all of it. Note: Does not let you pick a particular schedule,must close all or none here.
  8. Business Hours: This lets you chose an activity and select a close out date for the date range entered. You can only do this per trip/activity….not equipment.
  9. Disable Trips for Online Bookings: This is where you can disable a trip just for online bookings, allowing internal order only. You can select one or multiple trips and close all or open all.

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